Usage of E-Resources in Academic Libraries

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E-resources have become indispensable tools in academic libraries for acquiring current and up-to-date information. The use of e-resources has become increasingly prevalent in research and academic settings, providing a wide range of information in a convenient and accessible format. In this study of literature on e-resources, the use of e-resources in academic libraries was examined. It highlights their importance in providing easy access to a vast range of material for academicians and researchers, as well as their impact on the academic community through modifications to collections and services. This review study also emphasises the need for more investigation into the use of e-resources, particularly in identifying obstacles that library users face and offering suggestions to get through them. To better understand the changing demands of library users and to make sure that academic libraries are successfully serving those needs, the assessment also asks for more thorough investigations on the administration and use of electronic resources. Additionally, it claims that the way information is accessed, saved, and conserved in academic libraries has been profoundly changed by e-resources.

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