Online Learning Preferences of Engineering Technology Management Graduate Students


  • A. M. Doggett


As online graduate programs continue to grow, so does the availability of learning media and delivery tools. Faculty and students are increasingly using web-based means of communication such as blogs, wikis, threaded discussions, and collaborative tools in addition to assigning traditional readings, lecture notes, homework, writing exercises, and examinations. There have always been numerous choices available to instructors for the delivery of content and the assessment of learning, but now there are more varieties of instructional technologies from which to choose. Given the choice, are there certain online approaches that engineering technology management graduate students prefer? Qualitative and quantitative data was gathered from current students and alumni of an online master’s program in engineering technology management. The questions assessed student preferences for instructional technology media, type of assignments, group work, assessment, and course resources. The results of the study indicated that students preferred threaded discussions, individual assignments, and authentic assessments. Students also slightly preferred web-based or electronic media and additional course resources of all types, if available.




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